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Exacq Quarterly Newsletter

June 2021

Exacq Quarterly Newsletter

June 2021

Body Worn Camera VMS Integration

Easily integrate body worn cameras into the exacqVision VMS for seamless access and management in one centralized, secure location.

Uses Beyond Law Enforcement

Did you know the wearable surveillance market is expanding rapidly? Industries such as healthcare, retail, education, and more are finding the implementation of body worn devices to have many positive benefits.

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exacqVision 21.06 Software Update

Updates available with the exacqVision 21.06 software release include enhancements to the C∙CURE integration, new support for IP camera analytics, mobile app enhancements and more.

Partner Integrations

exacqVision 21.06 improves the way access control events from C∙CURE are pulled in and managed within exacqVision. Additional support for Hanwha IP camera analytics is now available, allowing users to enable object detection and forensic search using metadata.

Audio Grouping

Audio can now be grouped by device type, which creates a more intuitive method to navigate important audio bites.

Mobile App Updates

Updates to the mobile app include enhancements for quickly adding servers, improved image quality for iOS devices, and more.

exacqVision 21.06 Release Details

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exacqVision and Campus Security

Providing students, educators, and staff safe with a safe education environment is a top priority. Tyco's integrated, smart technology will streamline your security efforts with easy to manage solutions. 

K-12 Solutions

Create safer schools with exacqVision VMS. A unified security platform can help schools streamline efforts, improve situational awareness, and drive response times.

Campus Security Solutions

Back to School Promotions

Our 2021 Fall promotions include free camera licenses,   Z-Series lifetime SSA, and 10% savings on all Kantech controller-reader bundles.

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