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The exacqVision 23.06 software release focuses on new plugins and camera API enhancements for easier camera recognition, auto-focus, and AI analytics support.

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exacqVision 23.06 

Software Update

Customize your video surveillance solution with an intuitive, centrally managed, open platform VMS that easily integrates with third-party technologies.

Plugin Cleanup and New Adds

Easier Navigation of Illustra Plugins with New Nomenclature

  • Certain outdated plugins are now tagged with the "Legacy" suffix
  • lllustra multisensor cameras (Pro Gen4 Multisensor plus upcoming Flex Gen4 Dual Sensor) will be tagged as "Illustra Multisensor"

New Hanwha Vision

  • This is available for Hanwha cameras
  • The Samsung plugin remains for legacy support and test records

Camera API Support

Axis Auto Focus Feature

Cameras with newer firmware can enable the auto-focus feature from the exacqVision client

Hanwha WisenetAI App Integration

exacqVision now supports app-based AI analytic support and specific enhancements that come with the WiseAI application. This application provides the core AI functions. If the application is removed, all AI functions are disabled, including all AI-based analytics.


i-PRO Camera Integration

The WiseAI tag will be visible in the "Event Linking" if the camera is using the WiseAI app. Analytics for the following are available: object detection, person, vehicle (car, bus, motorcyle, truck)


Users can connect any i-PRO multisensor camera using the Panasonic/i-PRO plugin. The plugin is enhanced to discover/scan cameras. 

Another enhancement is the IVA & Line Crossing capability which supports events for up to 8 regions. Events include: enter, exit, intrusion, loitering