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The exacqVision 22.12 software release focuses on an integration to provide Azure Active Directory support and enhancements to scrollable timeline search, cloud drive and forensic search.

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exacqVision 22.12 

Software Update

Customize your video surveillance solution with an intuitive, centrally managed, open platform VMS that easily integrates with third-party technologies.

Azure Active Directory Support

Enterprise users with identity management implementation via Microsoft’s Azure Active Directory can leverage their existing identity management tools to operate and manage exacqVision VMS. This enables native Azure AD features such as Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) which can be turned on for managing users on exacqVision VMS. 

The integration is supported using the desktop client or the Enterprise Manager 

Mobile Enhancements

Enhanced scrollable timeline search

With the enhanced search option, search workflow on a mobile device can be initiated directly from the live video page or with the start time. The results are open ended, i.e. the user can scrub the timeline to earlier or later timeframes on the same screen to look for incidents. 

The timeline can be zoomed in and out, allowing the user to quickly jump to different points in the video without leaving the search screen   

Additional Enhancements

Cloud Drive

Cloud Drive now supports the ability to archive video streams in the cloud that are from analog cameras or RTSP streams. This allows users to leverage the power of cloud to backup and secure video off-site in the cloud for seamless access and availability 

Enhanced forensic search

Changes to forensic search user workflows improve the experience when searching for object characteristics such as “a person wearing a red shirt”, including algorithmic changes to minimize false positives on the search results