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Exacq Mobile

Mobile updates for an enhanced user experience:

The exacqVision 22.03 software focuses on updates to Cloud Drive, Exacq mobile and the desktop client resulting in an enhanced user experience. Additionally, we are adding a new cloud-based access control integration with Brivo OnAir and a new intrusion integration with DSC PowerSeries Pro.

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exacqVision 22.03 

Software Update

Customize your video surveillance solution with an intuitive, centrally managed, open platform VMS that easily integrates with third-party technologies.

Intrusion & Access Control Integrations

Improve security with new intrusion and access control integrations allowing even more centralized control of various access points throughout your building.

NEW! DSC PowerSeries Pro 

Save time and improve event responses with the addition of intrusion panels within the exacqVision client. These panels allow users to observe and bypass zones, get health status updates from the panel and filter for specific intrusion events.

Utilize a cloud-based access control platform for a more seamless integration. Users of both, Exacq and Brivo will benefit from Brivo OnAir with the ability to monitor door status and unlock doors from the exacqVision Client as well as access the Brivo webpage using Web Panels.

NEW! Brivo OnAir

Additional Features:

Save time and eliminate extra clicks with the ability to access webpages and configure IP cameras within the Client. The configuration page can now be opened within the client and changes are automatically saved and reflected on the cameras.

Reorganized home menu for easier navigation

Quickly navigate through cameras on a server with scrollable live panels

A new configuration interface with intuitive page categories

Cloud Drive

Improved Setup Experience

The configuration process for Cloud Drive archiving has been simplified into four steps, providing helpful status information to the user and allowing for an easier setup experience

Improved User Feedback

  • Client notifications display in the exacqVision Client as soon as new Cloud Drive subscriptions are available.
  • In scenarios where the user has only partially configured Cloud Drive for an NVR, client notifications will appear periodically to prompt the user to complete the setup.

Web Panel for IP Camera Configuration