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exacqVision 21.06

exacqVision 21.06 Update

  • Audio can now be grouped together by device type from the navigation tree so that it’s easier to tell which devices audio clips are associated with
  • Enterprise Manager now allows for the configuration of user roles to auto-propagate to new groups
  • Linux Ubuntu operating systems have been updated from 18.04 to 20.04, for a smoother experience when configuring language, locale, and keyboard layouts. Additionally, there was a fix for on-screen keyboard support for systems that don’t ship with a physical keyboard, and improved support for booting systems without an attached monitor.
  • Refresh to Windows 10 and Server 2019 with security and stability updates.

Additional Updates

Mobile App Updates

  • Streamlined the steps to add servers from the mobile app, eliminating the need to login to a separate web service.
  • Web service updates are also now included in the exacqVision Server Bundle, allowing users to update the client, server, and web service as a bundle.
  • Improved image quality for iOS devices
  • New labels have been added to the Association buttons for clarification.

Enhanced Partner Integrations

Support for C∙CURE Events and Event Groups

exacqVision 21.06 improves the way access control events from C∙CURE are pulled in and managed within exacqVision. For example, in a lockdown scenario, you have the ability initiate the locking of doors and elevate access to certain personnel from the exacqVision client. These events can be initiated from a map, association, or an event link.

exacqVision VMS software is built on an intuitive open platform that easily integrates with third-party technologies to form a comprehensive solution that can be centrally managed.

Enhancements to Hanwha AI Camera Analytics with Metadata Support

Additional support for Hanwha IP camera analytics is now available, allowing users to enable object detection and perform forensic searches such as faces, vehicles, or license plates using metadata.

exacqVision 21.06 software release includes enhancements to the C∙CURE integration, new support for IP camera analytics, mobile app enhancements and more.

Customize your solution with an intuitive, open platform VMS

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