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Tyco AI Facial Matching with exacqVision

Identify subjects of interest more accurately with updates to our facial matching analytics with the added the capability to use multiple reference images for a single subject.

The exacqVision 21.12 software focuses on integrations that increase security and operational efficiency for organizations. Enhanced integrations with Intrusion and Access Control: DSC PowerSeries NEO and Kantech Entrapass as well as updated Tyco AI analytics provide a powerful, centralized security solution.

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Body Worn Camera Integration

Coming soon...the Tyco Illustra Body Worn Camera. The latest addition to Illustra's camera lineup will integrate seamlessly with exacqVision to add another layer of centralized security. 

exacqVision 21.12 

Software Update

Customize your video surveillance solution with an intuitive, centrally managed, open platform VMS that easily integrates with third-party technologies.

Intrusion & Access Control Integrations

Improve security with enhancements to intrusion and access control integrations allowing even more centralized control of various access points throughout your building.

DSC PowerSeries NEO 

Save time and improve event responses with the addition of an intrusion panel within the exacqVision client. This panel allows for event searches, color-coded alerts such as battery removal or failure alerts, event linking, and more. 

Kantech Entrapass Elevators

Kantech Entrapass Elevators are now included in the Entrapass integrations allowing you to provide increased access control within the exacqVision client. Entrapass supports feedback from the elevator/lift and can all be monitored within the map.

Seamless Integration for Greater Situational Awareness

When the camera is integrated into the exacqVision VMS, users can access and manage live streaming, forensic search, playback, clip, and incident generation on-demand directly through a centralized location.

New Use Cases

Body worn technology is being adopted in industries beyond law enforcement such as healthcare, education, hospitality, and more.

For both intrusion and access control, we have increased security by prompting the user to save a pin prior to activation/deactivation and also added the option to cancel on every click, even if the password or pin is already saved.

exacqVision Client Pop-Up

NEW! Napco Continental

Our newest access control integration with Napco features doors that can be locked/unlocked, events and alarms which trigger notifications and event linking and monitoring within the exacqVision client. The ability to search locks, readers, and card scans is also available within the client.